As part of the environmental process, the study team has established a Community Advisory Group (CAG). The CAG is comprised of a diverse range of stakeholders who will assist the study team throughout the process. The study team will look to CAG members to give input on behalf of the stakeholder groups that they represent, to review information and study findings, and to help get information to the general public. The role of the CAG is to advise MoDOT. MoDOT will ultimately make the final decision on how best to create a safe and reliable Mississippi River crossing.

The CAG meetings are open to the public but intended for one-on-one dialogue between the study team and the CAG.  Other stakeholders are welcome to observe during the meeting and the study team members will be available afterwards for any discussions with non-CAG stakeholders. It is expected that the CAG will meet four times over the course of the study.

CAG Meeting #1 Presentation

CAG Meeting #2 Presentation